Catalogue Management

Online Catalogue

Create your own online list of products to be presented to the customers.

Product Description

Create an attractive description for your products to impress your customers.


Setup prices, special discounts and offers to reel in customers.

Product Attributes

Set up unlimited number of attributes for your products/services.


Order Creation

Offer customers personalized products/service from online catalogue.

Add to Cart

Move the selected products to your shopping cart and continue browsing.

Checkout and Payment

Checkout your products from the cart and make payment using secure gateway.

Order and Payment History

Empolyees can review existing and fulfilled orders and payment history.

Employee and Targets

Sales Management

Assign targets for each employee based on the forecast of previous year.

Incentive Managemet

Create incentives scheme for employees based on per product sold.

Performance Management

Track the performance of an employee through interactive graphical represantations of sales data.

Sales Forecasting

Review the sale from last year and create new sales target based on available sales data.


Product Configuration

Add products/services, create description, setup prices, offers and product attributes.

Order Management

Allow customers to select the products, view details and prices.

Promotions Management

Set up promotional offers and discount rates using our online system.

E-Cart and Secure Payment

Add products to cart and proceed to checkout using secure payment gateway.

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